Aviation Safety Week: Saluting Unseen Heroes
Panelists at the discussion session of FAAN Aviation Safety Week

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n 2023, focus shifts to aviation’s behind-the-scenes contributors. Olugbenga Taiwo from NCAA highlights unseen staff in hazard reduction: “Anticipating threats is vital, handled efficiently by the backstage workforce.”

Taiwo questions if profit overshadows safety in airports: “Are we truly prioritizing safety, or is profitability our primary motivation? The balance is delicate.”

Representing FAAN’s Managing Director, U.S.A Sadiq emphasizes the pivotal role of backstage workers: “Our event is a crucial platform for safety discussions, fostering self-reflection on past activities.”

This celebration prompts the aviation industry to seek a harmonious balance. Sadiq calls for industry-wide introspection: “A call to recognize unseen staff. We must balance safety and profit seamlessly.”

The event becomes a crucial platform for addressing safety, risks, and hazards. Taiwo envisions: “A future where the skies assure zero harm and zero casualties.”

In pursuit of this equilibrium, the aviation sector envisions skies as a testament to unseen heroes’ dedication.


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