Unlocking Africa’s MRO Potential:  Berthé Emphasizes Aviation Financing at MRO Africa Conference

Highlights Nigeria's Role in the Continent's Aviation Landscape

aviation financing
Participants at the MRO Africa 2024 Conference held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Abdérahmane Berthé, Secretary General of the African Airlines Association, emphasized the crucial role aviation financing plays in developing Africa’s MRO capabilities. He spoke at the MRO Africa Conference in Addis Ababa, underscoring Nigeria’s dynamic market for fostering airline competition.

Amid discussions at the conference, Berthé emphasized the substantial investment required for aircraft acquisition and maintenance. Berthé highlighted supply chain, logistics, and customs challenges in African nations, leading to costly MRO operations across the continent.

With projections indicating a doubling of air traffic by 2042, Berthé underscored the increasing demand for MRO services. Berthé acknowledged hurdles in aviation financing for Africa’s aviation sector, especially affecting smaller and medium-sized airlines on the continent.

Berthé acknowledged the efforts of the African Development Bank in establishing a financing platform for airlines. AFRAA is actively engaged in discussions with the bank to explore avenues for supporting aviation projects on the continent. Berthé stressed demonstrating operational capability and solid business planning to secure aviation financing, likening it to obtaining conventional bank loans.

Addressing Nigeria’s aviation landscape, Berthé highlighted the country’s robust domestic and intercontinental market potential. Acknowledging regional disparities in aviation, Berthé expressed optimism about Nigeria’s potential to become a major player, similar to Ethiopian Airlines. Berthé envisioned Nigeria serving as a pivotal hub for connecting Africa’s diverse regions, thereby bolstering continental air connectivity.

In conclusion, Berthé’s remarks underscored the imperative of addressing aviation financing challenges to realize Africa’s MRO potential. Nigeria’s pivotal role necessitates strategic investments and partnerships to cultivate a competitive aviation ecosystem across the continent.



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