Monday , 3 October 2022

ATSSSAN NCAA branch insists foreign training cannot be domesticated

AIR Transport Services Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (ATSSSAN) Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) branch has insisted that its foreign trainings cannot be domesticated as it provides the opportunity not only for the regulators to keep abreast with current trend but serves as a means for exposure.

The branch chairman, Comrade Shofolahan Ayodele who made this known at the weekend expressed the need for foreign trainings for workers of NCAA .

He said, “We have told management on this issues that they are some trainings that cannot be domesticated because training does not only mean just doing training, you are exposed to a lot of things you are not seeing in this country, you interact, when you interact with your foreign partners you get a lot of things, we are regulators”.

He added,”we are working with management on that and have told management that it cannot be possible, any training that is meant to be done abroad must be done there.

He noted as regulators, workers of the agency must be above-board adding that ATSSSAN has told management that it was not possible to carry out foreign trainings locally”.

“The foreign trainings is with the Ministry receiving urgent attention, NCAA will soon start going on foreign trainings and then professional trainings, a lot of people were denied last year but this year now we got the approval for everybody now professional bodies have come to stay and other areas of welfare like lack of working tools, we are working on that too, we are collaborating with management to get all those things”.

The ATSSSAN chairman noted that over a year ago when he came on board that there was no organogram in NCAA but said the management was addressing the issue and that of conditions of service of workers in the agency.

“we took the matter up with management and management agreed that we can review the Organogram in conjunction with other unions but now presently with the Ministry, we are doing something about that so that other people will be able to be promoted to level 15.
When I took over too, there was problem with the condition of service but now presently is the Salaries and Wages Commission receiving quick attention and I have been going there, have gone to Abuja to meet them, twice now and in the next two or three weeks, they will call us to. One and discuss on the issue before they the DG Salaries and Wages Commission will rectify the COS, that’s the monetary aspect then we will still go the Head of Service too for the policy aspect of it.

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