ASRTI Urges Overhaul of NCARs Part 9 for Air Operator Certification Enhancement

ASRTI Canvasses NCARs Part 9 Review
Charter aircraft at Abuja Airport

The Aviation Safety Round Table Initiative calls for an urgent review of Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations (NCARs) Part 9.

In a statement, Olumide Ohunayo, ASRTI’s General Secretary, highlights the need for amendments to the NCARs.

The think tank group proposes another layer of scheduled operator licensing for operators with a fleet seat limit of 100.

Operators exceeding 100 seats must apply for the relevant AOC category, undergoing necessary certification processes.

“We believe this approach encourages growth, granting fee exemptions and tax holidays to new low-cost carriers,” the statement reads.

ASRTI draws parallels with the US Part 135 for commuter and on-demand operations, emphasizing the proposal’s aim to promote new entrants.

The initiative clarifies its proposal isn’t to create restricted airline operations but to encourage new entrants, avoiding stringent safety regulations.

ASRTI lists benefits, anticipating increased aircraft, job opportunities, improved airport utilization, airspace usage, patronage, and revenue generation.

Furthermore, ASRTI asserts that the proposal will boost aviation’s GDP contribution, serving as a training ground for professionals.


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