ASRTI Denounces Minister’s Interference in NCAA Functions

operational audit progress
Dana aircraft being handled at the airside

The Aviation Safety Roundtable Initiative ASRTI strongly condemns Minister Festus Keyamo’s recent actions. ASRTI views them as violations of crucial laws and processes, essential for upholding NCAA’s autonomy in Nigeria.

In a formal statement, ASRTI expressed deep concern over the Minister’s decision to suspend Dana Airlines’ entire operations. ASRTI asserted that such interference undermines the core principles of the NCAA’s autonomy and poses serious risks to aviation safety and security.

Olumide Ohunayo, the General Secretary of ASRTI, emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating, “ASRTI condemns external interference by the Minister’s directive, eroding autonomy and jeopardising aviation safety in Nigeria’s aviation sector. We reaffirm our unwavering commitment to the non-negotiable autonomy of the NCAA as outlined in Section 4(3) of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Act.”

Furthermore, ASRTI stressed that financial audits of airlines and decisions regarding appropriate sanctions for violations fall solely within the purview of the NCAA, not external authorities. 

ASRTI strongly condemns Minister Keyamo demanding an immediate reversal of Dana Airlines’ suspension and an official apology to the entire aviation community.

Simultaneously, ASRTI urged NCAA and NSIB to continue investigations into the MD-82 aircraft and Dana Airlines, emphasizing uninterrupted due process.

Additionally, ASRTI urged the Minister to prioritize policies benefiting the airline industry, enabling independent operations for agencies like FAAN.

The think tank also called for swift appointments to agency boards to ensure seamless operations and proper governance.

In a commendatory note, ASRTI praised the NCAA for suspending three non-scheduled operators due to operational infractions. ASRTI urged transparency by publicly disclosing the list of affected airlines.

Summarising, ASRTI’s resolute stance emphasises the critical need to safeguard the autonomy of regulatory bodies like the NCAA. Decisions impacting aviation safety should adhere to established protocols and legal frameworks, free from external influences.



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