ASRTI  Calls for Autonomy, Governing Boards for Nigerian Aviation Agencies


Retired Air Commodore Demola Onitiju President ASRTI emphasized the necessity of forming governing boards for Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority and other agencies.

At the 2024 Q1 Business Breakfast Meeting held at Golfview Hotel, Onitiju underscored the imperative for NCAA’s autonomy to shield it from immediate political influences.

He articulated, “forming governing boards will not only aid the DGCA and other CEOs in crafting enduring policies but also serve as a gauge for ensuring transparent, accountable, and responsible corporate governance practices, which will permeate throughout the sector.”

Highlighting the detrimental effects of political interferenceinterference, he added, “A focused and knowledgeable board will effectively mitigate corruptive tendencies associated with such interference.”

Onitiju emphasized the dual role expected of the NCAA in enforcing standards and rules consistently to maintain trust. 

Urging the government to intervene, he advocated for deliberate policies to review and suspend taxes, tariffs, and charges to alleviate the burden on aviation and related businesses in Nigeria, emphasizing the importance of timely implementation.

He asserted, “Such policies should prioritize airline survival and growth, thereby mitigating the recent surge in domestic airfare.”



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