FLIGHTS of Arik Air were this morning disrupted as the airline’s cabin crew embarked

on on a work-to-rule action which cost some down time across the airline’s operations.

A work-to-rule is an industrial action where employees do not go beyond the minimum required by the rules guiding their contracts while the neutrino they follow all safety or other regulations, which may cause a slowdown or decrease in productivity as they no longer work during breaks or during unpaid extended hours and weekends, paraphrased from Wikipedia.

A statement by the airline read,”The cabin crew members of our flight operations team earlier this morning embarked on a work-to-rule action which led to the disruption of some of our flights out of Lagos.”

“The dispute has been resolved amicably and our operations are now back to normal with flights leaving for their destinations with minimum delays.”

“We assure our customers, especially those traveling during this festive season that we will do our best to ensure they get to their destinations safely. ”

“We sincerely apologize for the disruption in our operations. We see this unfortunate event as a temporary setback to the new Arik brand we have built in the last 10 months.
Please be assured that measures have been put in place to ensure a hitch free operations during the remaining period of the yuletide.”


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