Arik Air's Ground Operation VP faces termination
NG Eagle

Hamza Bukar, Arik Air’s Vice President Ground Operation, faced termination as NG Eagle sought personnel secondment. His termination letter, signed by VP Human Resources Ijeoma Ike-Okereke, clarified it wasn’t performance-related. Despite this, Arik Air proceeded with his redundancy. The issue stemmed from Arik Air’s refusal to second staff.

NG Eagle’s secondment request, referencing NGE/HO/AAL/2023/002, aimed to meet AOC requirements for November 2023 operations. Bukar, opposing secondment, saw it as a fiduciary breach to Arik. The legality raises concerns about Arik’s future operations.

With AMCON’s reported divestment from NGE, the partnership’s nature is unclear. Does NGE’s staff meet regulations for continued AOC extensions? Unanswered questions surround Arik Air’s fate and the aviation regulations’ implications, urging clarity for a clearer understanding.

Mr. Bukar’s unavailability adds to the mystery, as calls to him went unanswered.

Amidst these questions: If NG Eagle proceeds with seconding 23 staff from Arik, how will Arik Air maintain operational viability? With AMCON’s alleged divestment, what shared interests or partnerships exist between Arik Air and NG Eagle? Do NG Eagle’s staff meet the necessary regulations for continued AOC extensions, given their delayed operational start since 2021?

Further queries arise: What steps is Arik Air taking to address the potential impact of losing key personnel? How does the Civil Aviation Regulations address situations where a company, like NG Eagle, operates without meeting staff requirements? Are there legal implications for Arik Air in refusing secondment to NG Eagle? Can Arik Air survive potential operational challenges arising from the loss of 23 staff to NG Eagle?


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