Argungun Series 8 Art Exhibitior, Moses Oghagbon

THE Argungun Series 8 Art Exhibition, a project that seeks to document and chronicle the diverse cultural heritage of the Argungun Emirates will open this October 5, 2019 at the Thought Pyramid Art Centre, in Wuse Abuja, Nigeria.

Edo State born artist, Moses Oghagbon, who served in Kebbi State and experienced firsthand the Argungun fishing festival as well as other cultural festivals held in the state has I the last decade, invested time and effort to showcase the cultural phenomenon.

Oghagbon, who has had no fewer than 10 slo exhibitions coupled with over 40 group exhibitions explained that the Argungun series was borne of his tour Nigeria Project documentation aimed a propagating positively, the rich cultural and artistic heritage of the Argungun Emirates of Kebbi State, Nigeria.

The Exhibition this year will welcome the Emir of Argungun, His Royal Highness, Alhaji Samaila Muhammadu Mera (CON) as the Royal Father of the day with Host of other Royal fathers, Argungu Emirate, Diplomats, Senators, Art collectors, Art lovers and host of others.

Oghagbon said, “I have been on the project for the past one and half decades, I will say yes my works is being appreciated. I am looking beyond now but for generations to come. My passion for my beloved country I have an ongoing series Tour Nigeria Project and Argungu Series Documentation / Repercussions I intend to show our nation Globally to open the nation to tourists.

According to the artist, The Argungu further ventilate the enviably established local and international status of the Argungu Emirate and her ideals for positive social economic development and advancement through visual art.

Explaining the drive behind the series, Oghagbon said one of his goals is to imbibe the spirit of identifying, encouraging and supporting creative development of Argungu / Nigeria’s finest creative talents.

He hinted plans to establish a multipurpose center that will facilitate such things that would aid his vision such as working Studios, galleries, language class rooms, libraries, lodging rooms/chalets, recreational facilities, performance Art (e.g. drama) presentation center, for local and foreign exchanges.

Oghagbon further said he aims to encourage educational and cross cultural exchange programs both local and international as well as to engender progressive collaborations with diverse governmental and non-governmental institutions such as, Federal, State and local governments in Nigeria. Academic institutions from primary up to tertiary level for scholarly interactions.


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