Comrade Abdulrasak Saidu of ANAP

SECRETARY General of the Association of Nigerian Aviation Professionals (ANAP), Comrade Abdulrasaq Saidu has asked for Air Peace to reconcile and pay their debts in full stating that most of the debts owed agencies by airlines started from minor debts such as this and grew.

This is just as he said that the Enugu airport manager Orjiakor Mgbemene should be commended for his brave actions in a bid to ensure that airlines paid their debts.

In a telephone conversation with our correspondent this morning, the ANAP scribe berated airlines for not wanting to remit monies owed or repay debts accumulated stating that it affects the industry negatively.

He called for stringent debt recovery methods, stating that because most of the airlines have people to run to in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), they tend to want to avoid paying their debts at the expense of agencies who are tied down by politicians.

“Take example, in the past, the TSC used to be paid until Arik Air stopped paying due to political influence of the past administration and this move galvanized other airlines who felt cheated to go the same route but now, where is Arik?”

Saidu explained that it has been the character of these airlines to be running personal business at the expense of the government “Why must this airline be accumulating debts, to the extent they accumulated Passengers Services Charge. The debts that Belleview, Chanchangi and others owed before they went under who paid? ”

Saidu noted that it was as a result of accumulation of debts that made former aviation Minister Fidelia Njeze introduced pay as you go to recover airlines debts.

The ANAP scribe declared, “You must have to pay for the services rendered if you are in business. Actions and steps taken by the airport manager, Enugu is quite supportive, quite commendable and we welcome it. Let Air Peace go and settle its debts fully”

“ANAP as professionals will ensure that airlines are paying and do not accumulate debts. If any airline is not ready for business, it should leave the business. You don’t short change the government because government of today is for accountability”

He explained that Air Peace for about three times could not land at the Enugu airport because of violation of the 7pm deadline. “Why violating the rule and you think you can blackmail professionals for doing their job when you know the rules of the game”

“ANAP wants all other airport managers to emulate the Enugu Airport manager in order to keep their salaries coming because it’s the money generated that will be used”


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