Airline Management Support, Captain David Olubadewo

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]anaging Director, Airline Management Support Limited, Capt. David Olubadewo, has joined the plethora of voices calling on the Government to build and protect Nigerian airlines.

This is just as he says that aircraft spares are relatively easy to access now but all it takes is proper planning depending on the type of spares needed.

Captain Olubadewo whose company supports the local airlines in the distribution of Dunlop tyres for aircraft as well as  a reseller, distributor for Eastman Turbine oil, made this known at the sidelines of the  27th League of Airport and Aviation Correspondents (LAAC) Conference with the theme: “Aviation Industry: Changing Times, Changing Strategies.

According to him, apart from protection, setting up a leasing company would do the industry a lot of good. He said countries like China and UAE supported their own to grow.

He said,”No level playing field, forex, etc. Our government sells Nigerian owned airlines cheap to other countries that own airlines. Government creates unnecessary competition on the routes Nigerian airlines ought to develop in the name of demand and supply. They do not value the domestic airlines, meanwhile we’re about the best in the world.

“My advice is that the government should try to build and protect the airlines. Somebody needs to put rules and regulations on ground to protect the airlines that is how it is done globally. Also, they should set up a leasing company to lease aircraft to airlines in Nigeria because we need to grow and build our airlines.

” This would even be a win-win situation because it boosts both the airlines and the economy as the government gradually recoups the money it spent on the acquisition of the aircraft.

“China did the same thing to become the biggest aviation market. Also, the Dubai Government supported Emirates to grow. So, the Nigerian Government should support the local airlines to build them up. For instance, what is the point of foreign airlines coming here and flying to all our major local routes?

On aircraft spares, his forte, Captain Olubadewo said it was relatively easy for airlines to access spares despite forex and other challenges like clearing from customs, he equally said the customs in Nigeria is not that bad compared to some countries.

He said,”Yes! Spares are issues of planning. There are certain parts that are referred to as urgent or Aircraft on Ground (AOG), those spares will come through Customs. However, it needs following up to let them out quickly rather than creating unnecessary problems.

“But, apart from that, I think the customs are not too bad in Nigeria, no matter what you may say, they are not too bad. We go to other West African countries, we see what they do, we see what customs do in the UK, because in the UK you have something called route one. If anything goes through route one you have to wait, you have no choice. It is waiting until it is out. But Nigerian Customs, they are not too bad.” He said.


He also agreed that delays in accessing spares are a major challenge in delays and cancellations and not only in Nigeria hence the need for proper planning 

“Yes, not only in Nigeria, everywhere in the world. It depends on what type of parts we are talking about. If you are talking of engines, of course, if you are going to transport engines from London to Lagos, it takes time. It is a bulky item; it is not something you can carry. It is not something that will go into the AOG  of the airline. But these are things which need planning.

“So, it just depends on one, if it is just an ordinary instrument, of course within 10 hours. It is only six and half hours from the UK and maybe a maximum of 7 hours from anywhere in Europe. And you have maybe 15 or more airlines visiting Nigeria every day.



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