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Firihiewot Mekonnen, General Manager Ethiopian Airlines in Nigeria

Akwaaba has helped us project our vision- ET GM, Mekonnen

GENERAL Manager of Ethiopian Airline in Nigeria, Firihiewot Mekonnen has described the Akwaaba travel Market as a veritable platform to showcase Africa as well as push the concept of Africans doing business with other Africans.

This is just as she said the expansion of the Bole International Airport Addis Ababa, gas given a lot of traction to the airport and has aided the increase in traffic.

Mekonnen made this known during Day Two of the 15th Akwaaba Travel Market 2019 held at the Eko Hotels and Suites where she said the platform was progressive in the way it drives African businesses together to learn and share.

She said,” We have been with Akwaaba from the beginning, over 15 years now. What drives us, is that this is a kind of platform where different African countries can showcase their cultures, tradition, economy and other things, and then what we believe at Ethiopia is that Africa should buy from Africa, inter African market.

“We have a lot to offer to each other and unless we support each other for different things, we cannot grow together. We believe this is the kind of thing that will boost Africa to exchange what they have.

On what has been gained through the partnership Ethiopian Airline and Akwaaba Travel Market, she explained:

“We have gained a lot because we are able to showcase what we have on the new destination that we have and also important are tourism, you know that the intra-African tourism is poor, why do we go out abroad when we have places in Africa.

On its terminal at the Bole international Airport, she said:
“You know we have extended our terminal, the terminal can now take over 20million passengers which is a very big feat. We are using the infrastructure upgrade to handle transit passengers

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