Ibom Air A320

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Akwa Ibom State Governor, Umo Eno has commended the practical professionalism at which its carrier, Ibom Air is being run and has asked businesses in the state to emulate the airline’s model despite being owned 100%by the state.

This is just as Governor Eno has commended the Ibom team stating that in spite of challenges they are doing a great job and achieving results.

Eno made this known on July 26 at the conclusion of the Akwa Ibom ARISE dialogue where he equally said the government will pull out of the airline eventually as it cannot run it forever.

He said all the government needs to do is provide the enabling environment and let business thrive.

Eno said,” We must celebrate Ibom Air. We mist celebrate Pastor Ima Obasi, If he is in this room, we must celebrate Captain Udom, we must celebrate the Chief Operating Officer George Uriesi because this is a model we can copy and run with because it is 100% shareholding from government but professionally managed

“If you go late for a flight, Ibom Air will leave you. It doesn’t matter who you are. If you don’t buy their tickets,you don’t fly, there is nothing like the Government.”

Ibom Air even declared profit last year and they are expanding. That’s why I want to support that because you can see ahead what they are doing and I want to support that.

He continued,” Why can’t our organisations go to Ibom Air, you don’t have to travel anywhere, just ask them what model they are applying. Professionalism”

“Ibom Air is doing all it needs to do so even in the midst of problems. So if you want to succeed government’s role is to set you up, provide the environment and let you thrive.

However, he said,” We will pull out over time. Government can’t be running it in perpetuity, it cant work, it won’t work,” he said


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