Air Peace Lagos-Lome inaugural flight

Air Peace on Friday, July 28th reciprocated flights to Lome, Togo further expanding its presence in the West Coast and bridging the connectivity gap while increasing the potential for economic activities.

Safety Manager, Air Peace, Capt. Godfrey Ogbogu, in a ceremony marking the inaugural flight said Lome has increased the airline’s regional route to.

Ogbogu said,” It suffice to say we’re on a mission to easing air travel and bridging the connectivity gap among West African countries, and we’re quite delighted that Togo is joining our route network, making it eight regional routes in less than nine years since inception.

“Togo and Nigeria currently have strong socio-economic ties and both countries have collaborated on significant fronts. The launch of flights by Air Peace into Lome today has given credence to these ties and will foster commercial cooperation as well as deepen bilateral ties between both countries.”

“Nigerians”, he continued, “come to Togo for business and other purposes and the launch of this connectivity adds fillip to this economic exchange between both countries and also advances development.

He further stressed the airline’s no-city-left-behind saying it isn’t just limited to the Nigerian domestic market but aimed at a far reaching interconnectivity

“We’re reputed for our no-city-left-behind initiative and this is not just for domestic operations.”

“Our no-city-left-behind drive extends to the West Coast, as we’re poised to continually interconnect key cities in the sub-region, making it easy for Africans to maximise the payoffs of air travel for the collective development of all the nations.


He said the airline will be launching flight operations into Cotonou in Benin Republic, Abidjan in Cote d’ivoire, Congo Kinshasa and Malabo in Equatorial Guinea before the end of 2023, because they’re already in the works.


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