Monday , 15 August 2022

Air Peace takes delivery of first Embraer E195 becomes first in Africa to operate aircraft model

Air Peace's brand new E195-E2
NIGERIA’S Air Peace has become the first African airline to take delivery of a brand new E195-E2 yesterday at Embraer facility in São José dos Campos. It’s the first of 13 of the big E2s that the carrier has ordered. Read also: Air Peace, Embraer ink $2.1bn deal for 30 brand new E195-E2 jets

The aircraft 5N-BYF named Helen Ekwusi Onyema wil be arriving Lagos anytime today and is expected to be celebrated widely as this is the first time since 2013 a brand new aircraft flew In the Nigerian airspace.

The E195-E2 tagged Profit Hunter aircraft will help Air Peace achieve its ambition of connecting not just all of Nigeria, but the whole of the African continent, while feeding long-haul flights from their Lagos hub.

Air Peace is also the first airline to configure a premium cabin with our staggered seat option. Each of the 12 Business Class seats is slightly offset from the other to give more space and privacy. There are three rows of seats arranged two-by-two at 51-inch pitch at the 124 seater aircraft. Passengers by the windows have unobstructed access to the aisle; they don’t need to awkwardly step over their seat mates or ask them to move.

There are large overhead bins on both sides of the aircraft. This is different from other configurations that have a narrow bin along one side of the premium cabin that transitions to a larger bin at the start of the economy cabin.

The new 124-seat E2s complement the airline’s eight 50-seat E145s flying with Air Peace Hopper. The Embraer fleet will create greater regional and domestic connectivity from the carrier’s Lagos hub.

Apart from the 13 195-E2s on firm order, Air Peace has purchase rights for 17 more of the aircraft according to Embraer.

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