[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n response to recent skepticism surrounding the ability of Nigerian airlines to thrive in international operations, Air Peace has unequivocally clarified its position.

Spokesman Stanley Olisa refuted claims that Nigerian airlines lack representation in the International Air Transport Association (IATA) clearing house, emphasizing that Air Peace is indeed a member.

Olisa addressed a stakeholder’s comments that Nigerian carriers operating on a point-to-point model, are destined to fail internationally. He dismissed this as an expression of ignorance and highlighted Air Peace’s successful operation of international routes for over six years.

Olisa countered the divisive strategy of pitting airlines against each other, stating that such tactics are outdated and no longer effective.

The spokesman asserted that Air Peace possesses the necessary infrastructure, alliances, and strategic foreign partnerships to sustain its international endeavors.

He defended the airline’s operational model, citing connecting flights such as Lagos-Banjul-Dakar and Lagos-Accra-Monrovia.

On the issue of flight disruptions, Olisa urged a fair assessment, emphasising that external factors like weather conditions, VIP movements, and bird strikes contribute significantly to delays and cancellations.

He called for a more nuanced understanding from industry experts, stressing that airlines do not intentionally cause disruptions.

In conclusion, Olisa urged the aviation expert to provide constructive insights rather than perpetuate negativity.

He emphasized the importance of fair commentary on industry challenges and encouraged collective efforts to propel Nigeria’s aviation sector forward.


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