Air Peace Boeing 737-500 registration 5N-BQQ at Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos, Copyright of

AIR PEACE has temporarily  grounded the operations of two of its Boeing 737 aircraft as a result of a brush between the two aircraft as one was being towed to position for departure.

The airline management in a statement confirmed the incident and stated that it grounded the services of both aircraft in a bid to carry out thorough checks and repairs before the aircraft went back into use.

Manager Corporate Communications, Chris Iwarah who confirmed the incident stated that winglet had partial contact with the stabilizer of the other aircraft.

His statement read,” We confirm that at about 6.15am today, the winglet of our B737 aircraft with registration mark 5N-BQR, which was being towed within the very limited space at the ramp of the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos to position for departure, had a partial contact with the stabilizer of another of our B737 aircraft with registration mark 5N-BQP.”

“Although the points of contact of the two aircraft were only slightly impacted, we took the cautious decision to declare them unserviceable to enable proper investigation of the incident, checks and repair by our Engineering and Maintenance Department in line with our high safety standards.”

“There were no passengers on the two aircraft involved in the incident. We have also revised our flight schedule to cater to our esteemed guests on the 14 sectors the two aircraft were scheduled to service today.”

“At the moment, everything is working according to plan and our engineers have already begun repair of the aircraft,” the statement concluded.


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