Air Peace Denies Wrongdoing Amid VISA Cancellation Controversy

UK CAA ramp inspection
Air Peace 777 200 5N-BVE

“Repatriation of 177 Nigerians from Saudi Arabia wasn’t our fault,” states Air Peace Limited’s Oluwatoyin Olajide. In a self-signed statement, the COO clarifies amidst conflicting commentaries in the public domain, “It’s crucial to state the real facts.”

Emphasizing that Air Peace operates scheduled flights between Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, Olajide highlights, “It wasn’t a special flight.” Underscoring the airline’s authority to transport passengers with various visa types, she states, “We don’t limit ourselves to UMRAH or HAJJ visas.”

Olajide assures that all visas underwent verification through Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ platform, ensuring their validity. Stressing that without this verification, Air Peace wouldn’t have allowed passengers to depart from Nigeria.

Regarding the Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS), Olajide explains, “It transmits details to Saudi authorities before departure.” “Despite this, she emphasizes, “We didn’t receive any cancellation notices.”

Expressing shock over unexplained cancellations, Olajide reassures affected passengers, “We fully comply with international travel regulations.”


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