Sunday , 25 September 2022
Akin Olateru, AIB Commissioner

AIB issues 12 safety recommendations of four crash reports


  • Launches mobile app to report accidents, incidents

ACCIDENT Investigation Bureau ( AIB), today released reports for four accidents and incidents in the country making 12 safety recommendations to the civil aviation authority for the sub sectors improvement.

This is just as the Bureau has launched a mobile application, AIB Mobile App to give the investigators new and more convenient way to receive Aircraft Accident Report in real time and improve engagement with Nigerians by providing easy and open access to the Bureau and its activities.

Commissioner AIB, Akin Olateru today while making these known presented the report for the accidents involving Aero Contractors in 2015, Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) TMB 850, a Bell 407 belonging to one GittoConstruczioni Generali Nigeria Limited and a Diamond 42 belonging to the International Aviation College (IAC) Ilorin.

Olateru who spoke on implementation said it was key but stated that AIB does not have powers of enforcement stating that it is why the body is collaborating with the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

The AIB Commissioner stated that in the last one year, the bureau has published 10 final reports, one Safety Bulletin and have made 35 safety recommendations of which the industry particularly would gain from.

Olateru who released causal factors of the crashes and incidents stated that it was terrible to be bringing out reports for accidents that have happened over 10 years ago stating that no lesson would have been learnt.

He particularly identified the accident involving Gitto Construczioni Generali stating that the airline has ceased to operate,the owner is deceased now and so there is no lesson to give to the aircraft owners.

AIB in 2017 has published 35 safety recommendations and since inception in 2007 had previously published 117 Safety recommendations.

On the mobile app, the AIB stated that in the Information Age, having a smart phone is no longer luxury but essential.

The AIB said that the development of its mobile application is essential to its processes as it extends relationship with users by providing: better access to news and updates, convenience and live reporting by eye witnesses in the event of accidents or incidents.

“Pictures can be uploaded on the app. This can assist greatly in investigations. AIB Mobile App as it is called, gives us a new and more convenient way to receive Aircraft Accident Report in real time, thus increasing promotional opportunities with push notifications and more which depicts its core objectives of Accident and Incidence investigation reports.”

“This app would improve engagement with Nigerians by providing easy and open access to the Bureau and its activities.
The Application is now available for free download on the Apple, Android and Google play stores. Details of which are now available on our website.”

The AIB released reports on the serious incident involving a Boeing 737-500 with registration 5N-BLE belonging to Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria Ltd, which occurred at FL330 en route Kaduna Airport on 5th June, 2015 and; reports on the Serious Incident to Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) Socata TBM 850 aircraft with registration 5N-BZA which occurred Near Kaduna Airport, Kaduna, Nigeria on the 21st of May, 2013.

Others are reports on the Accident involving GittoConstruczioni Generali Nigeria Limited Bell 407 helicopter with registration 5N-BIC at Uyo Airport, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria on the 21st of October, 2009;
and reports on the serious incident involving International Aviation College (IAC) Diamond DA42 Aircraft with registration 5N-BNH, on Runway 23 of Ilorin International Airport, which occurred on 18th August, 2014.

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