Again, BASL urges approval for regional flights from MMA2


Acting COO of Bicourtney Aviation Services Limited, Tosan Duncan-Odukoya, emphasized the imperative for regional flight authorization at MMA2.

At a recent stakeholders forum, she underscored, “We had a situation where the MMIA was inactive; they went for MMIA 2. However, there was an overload.” 

Accredited by the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority since 2015, the MMA2  could have served as a viable stopgap, she stated. Duncan-Odukoya highlighted the potential for Nigerian airlines. She said,”We’d offer Air Peace, United, Ibom Air a single hub advantage, enhancing regional flow.”

Despite being accredited since 2006 and approved by the NCAA since 2015, she expressed frustration, saying, “We just hold them like this, we’ve been approved, we’ve been accredited but we cannot take on the region.” In her earnest request, Duncan-Odukoya humbly appealed, “We truly request for an answer to this.”



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