Aero dissolves agreement with contractor, SkyBourne Limited, 100s lose jobs

Aero severs ties Skybourne Limited
One of Aero Contractor's Dash-8 aircraft

Management of Aero Contractors severs ties Skybourne Limited, revoking a pact that left many support staff jobless. This move aims to reposition the airline after years of mismanagement, which almost led to its insolvency.

An inside source revealed that the affected workers were contract staff, not original employees of the airline.

Furthermore, the management ended the services of these contract staff because their contracts expired and they no longer needed them. The source emphasized that this management decision did not affect any permanent airline staff.

Moreover, the staff reduction impacted all departments, affecting over 100 personnel.

He said, “Those laid off were not staff of our airline. You know in Aero; some departments and duties are outsourced. So, what the management did was not to renew their contracts once it expired. I can tell you that our staff are intact, and we don’t have the plans to retrench workers. We didn’t need those outsourced workers anymore, so we decided to withdraw them from our services.

A letter to one of the affected workers said that the sacking was as a result of the ongoing restructuring in the airline.

The letter reads, “Dear colleague, in light of the ongoing restructuring at Aero, we regret to inform you that we no longer require your services and your employment with SBL is terminated immediately.”

“Please, return all company properties to your Manager/Supervisor by 8am on 28/04/2016. We regret any inconvenience caused.”

Media consultant of the airline, Mr. Simon Tumba, in a statement affirming what had happened at the airline said in a statement, “In the course of reorganizing and repositioning its business, Aero Contractors has reviewed its relationship with Skyborne by cutting down some of the services required from the company. This will help the company to invest more resources to enhance customer service. For the record Aero has not sacked any of its staff. Aero severs ties Skybourne Limited.”

The airline is currently undergoing restructuring shedding unwanted weight both in personnel and route in other to better manage its survival.


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