Aero Contractors Responds to NAAPE Protest, Affirms Payment to 94.94% of Affected Staff

NAAPE set for showdown with Aero Contractors Management

Aero Contractors, countering NAAPE’s claims, confirms payment to 225 of 237 staff made redundant in 2017, accounting for 94.94%. Additionally, the airline asserts it hasn’t shirked its responsibility, actively addressing and resolving the issue.

Expressing dismay at NAAPE’s approach, Aero Contractors Management highlights its efforts in resolving outstanding benefits before the ultimatum. It underscores the company’s transparency and engagement with affected staff throughout the process.

Aero’s statement clarifies that 95% of affected personnel have been compensated, with plans underway to settle the remaining 5%. Despite industry challenges, including operational shutdowns and escalating costs, management remains steadfast in meeting obligations to stakeholders.

The company says it understands and seeks understanding as it resolves issues, acknowledging strain on individuals and company amid industry challenges.

Despite operational hurdles, Aero Contractors diligently addressed payments and operational viability, ensuring commitment to stakeholders’ obligations and entitlements.

Industry challenges, including operational shutdowns and rising fuel costs, constrained finances, yet management relentlessly settled a majority of affected individuals.

Since resuming operations in December 2022, Aero reintegrated employees to rebuild the organization’s stature, pledging to uphold integrity and accountability.

Aero Contractors appreciates stakeholders’ understanding and reaffirms its integrity and accountability in all endeavors.



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