Advancing with NiMet Act 2022 – DG NiMet

NiMet Establishment Act
Professor Mansur Bako Matazu, NiMet DG

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) achieved a milestone with President Buhari signing the Establishment Act on August 16, 2022. This law propels an effective future, moreover enhancing NiMet’s capabilities.

Navigating New Horizons

Director General/CEO, Prof. Mansur Matazu, at a one-day workshop on NiMet Establishment Act 2022, emphasized its role in staff  understanding of new legislative landscapes.

Understanding Collective Success

Alhaji Saleh Yusuf Tukur highlighted the workshop’s purpose, furthermore delving into NiMet Establishment Act intricacies for Management staff.

Legal Insight for Effective Implementation

In his speech, Hamza IIdris Yamel Esq, the Director of Legal/Agency Secretary, thanked the DG for allowing the Legal Department to elucidate the amendments in the NiMet Act 2022. This understanding is critical for the effective implementation of the Agency’s statutory functions.

Exploring Amendments’ Implications

The workshop aims to apprise Management of new amendments and their day-to-day operational and legal landscape implications. Additionally, it is an exploration of how these changes will impact the Agency, stakeholders, and the public at large.

Sensitization for Effective Implementation

The workshop’s major objectives include acquainting Management staff with key provisions in the NiMet Act 2022, explaining their implications, and suggesting a way forward for effective implementation. It marks the initial step in establishing guidelines for sector-specific regulations, ensuring compliance, monitoring, and enforcement.


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