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ACG visits NIS Lagos Command, tinkers action plan to tackle irregular migrants

ASSISTANT Comptroller General, Zone A, Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), ACG Oluremi  Ajoke  Talabi (pcc) has expressed confidence in the Lagos State Command’s ability to partner the state government  to mop-up identified irregular migrants residing in the state

ACG Talabi made this known yesterday during a familiarization visit to the Lagos State Command

Comptroller Immigration Service Lagos (CIS), Bauchi Aliyu and Sectional Heads who played host to the ACG had reeled out some significant highpoints to the ACG, including the outcome of his visit to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu

The CIS informed the ACG of the proposal he submitted to the Governor’s Office for the planned mop-up and repatriation operation of irregular migrants residing in the state.

According to him, ‘The proposal is a direct response to the concern raised by stakeholders during the Meeting chaired by the Governor to address the menace of motorbike riders operating in the state’. A sizeable number of these commercial motorbike (okada) riders, he said, are suspected to be ECOWAS Nationals (irregular Migrants) posing real and potential security threat to the state.

The Zonal Coordinator expressed confidence in the Comptroller’s ability to deliver a detailed and comprehensive proposal to the State Government for the proposed mop-up exercise of identified irregular migrants residing in the state.

The CIS during the meeting also said, one of the major successes in his interaction with the State is the Governor’s positive response to the Comptroller General’s request for the donation of land that can accommodate the construction of Service Headquarters like structure in Lagos.

He did reveal that his persistent verbal and written requests has resulted in the setting up of a Security Forum headed by the Secretary to the State Government for Intel and ideas sharing amongst security agencies in the state.

While responding also, the ACG expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the CIS’s engagements with the State authorities and called for the exploration of measures to follow up on the Governor’s verbal commitments as there are numerous competing interests for the Governor’s attention and approval.

She also voiced her appreciation to the Lagos State Security Trust Fund for providing the Command with a pick-up van. She did reveal that such donations are immensely welcomed, on the account of the fact that the Service’s budget can’t cover all of her needs.

ACG Talabi also expressed delight at the International Organization for Migration’s impending construction of a Personnel Training Resource Centre (PTRC) for the Command

She acknowledged the huge support the Service in general has benefited from the existing partnership with the IOM on several fronts and urged officers to position themselves to capitalize on the project when completed.

The ACG also said that the Service is fully evolving to a point that officers who are not ICT compliant will render themselves redundant if they fail to upgrade.

ACG Talabi earlier spoke to men of the command and said that the NIS is currently implementing electronic powered mechanisms that will make it easier for officers to identify and intercept fraudulent document.

She also charged officers of the command to be vigilant of fraudulent documents flying around

She warned LSC Officers against revealing any official information that are meant to be treated as confidential advising them to adopt “a need to know basis principle” in managing information.

The ACG also advised officers to imbibe the spirit of camaraderie in work the environment as such is needed to maintain a cordial and healthy work relationship while stressing that the Command has the highest number of personnel in the country.

The ACG also commended LSC Officers for carrying out their duties without attracting complaints from the public.

One of the highlights of the visit was the inspection of the Quarter Guard parade.

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