AIR Business Express Ltd (ABX World), an indigenous agro-allied solutions provider, has joined Global Good Agricultural Practice (Global G.A.P), which sets worldwide standards for safe and sustainable agriculture.

This is just as the company has commended the Anambra State Government, for dolling out N1.5billion SMEs loans program at a single interest rate  of nine per cent (9%); accessible to farmers their cooperative societies as efforts to develop agriculture.

ABX World, a first class globally recognized courier/cargo firm incorporated in 2005, is the first and presently, the only Nigerian Company to attain the height, with a set definite set target to ensure liberation of the masses from economic slavery.

Captain Okakpu
Captain Okakpu

Global G.A.P. members create private sector incentives for agricultural producers worldwide to adopt safe and sustainable practices to make the world a better place to live in for the global community.

Its set mission is to globally connect farmers and brand owners, like notable supermarkets in Europe and North America, in the production and marketing of safe food to provide reassurance for consumers.

The Group lays the foundation for the protection of scarce resources by the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices with a promise for a sustainable future.

By been a member, a letter endorsed by Global G.A.P CEO, Dr. Kristian Moeller, he attested that ABX World has become part of producers and suppliers members who “demonstrate their commitment to fully comply with the Global G.A.P.

“Standard and hereby act as industry leaders in Good Agricultural Practice (G.A.P.). As members they are entitled to use the Global G.A.P. logo and represent their producer interests in the Global G.A.P. governance structure. In this position they may act as a driver for innovation in their market and profit from first mover advantages”.

Speaking on the achievement, Captain John Okakpu, MD/CEO of ABX World Limited, expressed delight over the Global G.A.P membership status, adding that the feat would help place Nigeria in the global agricultural export map.

Captain Okakpu said that ABX World is the new face of agro-allied export in the country and fashioned to train farmers, and others within the logistics and supply chain.

“The global network that we operate at ABX WORLD is very richly enhanced by our strategic alliances with some of the biggest and best players in the industry as follows; Pilot Air Freight based in USA; including local national certifications by NCAA, FAAN, etc”.

Speaking on the Anambra state government’s N1.5billion SMEs loans gesture, Capt. Okakpu  said that ABX World is going to train farmers in different certifications, while leveraging the network to bring in off-takers like it is doing in Anambra State.

He stated that the Chief Willie Obiano’s administration has shown a complete total commitment in agriculture and desire to be the leading agricultural export state in Nigeria with its incentives and commitment to grow agriculture.

The ABX CEO urged the Federal, State and Local Governments not to relent on efforts to get the country’s agricultural programmes on the right track stating that, “Solutions to the nation’s economic challenges are no quick fixes, however, agriculture is that sector that can do it for us. Years ago when we started this journey, many people thought it was a child’s play or one of those cacophonous statements and blabbing.

“It is heart-warming that Anambra State Government has taken the bull by the horn, dolling out N1.5billion SMEs loans program at nine per cent (9%) single interest rate; accessible to farmers their cooperative societies. This is what the country needs! The most encouraging of all is the air freight subsidy which of course empowers the farmers to be able to transport their product overseas without quagmires. This will boost the confidence level of off-takers and boost agricultural state in the State; others can emulate this gesture.

“I am encouraging every State Government to accept this ‘proposal of economic restoration through agriculture’ which ABX World presents to all. It is not the time to curry cheap political gains by engaging on unsavoury and verbal attacks on opponents; rather we must close ranks to achieve this goal.



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