Wakanow Unveils Annual Global Event ‘Wakanow Unpacked’ on June 20


Leading technology-driven travel and fintech conglomerate Wakanow Group will host its inaugural technology and innovation conference on June 20, 2024. The highly anticipated event, ‘Wakanow Unpacked,’ will take place in Lagos and will be held annually. This annual event will showcase Wakanow’s latest advancements in travel and financial technology. The event promises to redefine customer experiences in the travel and fintech industries.

According to a statement released by the company, Senior Vice President of Product and Strategy, Gbolahan Salami, said, “Wakanow Unpacked will highlight our commitment to innovation and excellence.” He added, “This event will not only unveil new products but will also set a new benchmark for customer experiences.”

The Wakanow Expo event will bring together a distinguished audience, including State Government officials and major players in the tech industry. Stakeholders in the travel and tourism industry and esteemed media partners will also attend. Attendees will gain exclusive insights into Wakanow’s future plans and cutting-edge tools and services.

These tools enhance and simplify travel and financial transactions. Wakanow will simultaneously live stream the tech event to its offices in Ghana, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, and the UK. This setup allows international journalists to participate in the event.

Wakanow’s fintech subsidiary, Kalabash, will prominently feature customer-centric products at the event. These new financial products will transform financial management for individuals and businesses alike.

Wakanow Unpacked aims to foster conversation around the future of travel and fintech, highlighting the company’s ongoing dedication to driving positive change and delivering exceptional value to customers across Africa and beyond.


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