Airport Concession: ANAP Urges Keyamo to Honor Existing Agreements

Airport concession agreements
Association of Nigeria Aviation Professionals new President General, Comrade Alale Adedayo and Dr Kabir Gusau, the former President General of ANAP

The Association of Nigeria Aviation Professionals (ANAP) has firmly stated that it will oppose any planned airport concession that contradicts existing labor laws and agreements. ANAP’s President General, Comrade Alale Adedayo, made this clear during the inauguration of the new executives last Friday in Lagos.

ANAP’s President General, Comrade Alale Adedayo, emphasized adhering to existing agreements between unions and the Government on concessions. “ANAP would strongly reject anything not aligning with labor laws and agreements made between the government and unions previously.” He declared,

Adedayo applauded the sacrifices of his predecessor and committed to completing the projects initiated during the previous tenure. “The foundation has been built. I and my team promise to build on the foundation already laid. We will improve on what you have left behind,” he stated. Highlighting the welfare of members, he added, “We will also prioritize the welfare of all our members across the industry agencies.”

Addressing the former President General, Adedayo expressed gratitude for his sacrifices. “To our former President General, we are grateful for your sacrifices. Whatever project you did not complete, we will complete it,” he assured. He also mentioned they are promptly completing the ongoing project for a suitable site for ANAP’s Secretariat.

Moreover, Dr. Kabir Gusau, the former President General of ANAP, served from 2019 to 2024 and recalled the association’s early challenges. Reflecting on his tenure, Gusau described the position as a service of sacrifice. “The position is more of a service of sacrifice and putting members first to gain their trust and loyalty,” he said. He urged members to remain loyal, as this is essential for the association’s success.

Furthermore, the inauguration saw the presence of branch chairmen from various aviation agencies, who recounted their successes and pledged their support to the new executives. The union’s commitment to adhering to labor laws and ensuring the welfare of its members remains unwavering.

Concluding, ANAP’s Comrade Adedayo commits to honoring agreements and prioritizing members’ welfare, ensuring aviation sector stability.




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