Immigration Comptroller General Urges Applicants to Collect 107,646 Produced Passports


Kemi Nandap, Comptroller General of the Immigration Service, has announced that  applicants collect produced passports numbering 107,646.

All Passport Offices in Lagos will now operate on Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm to serve applicants collecting their passports. Collect produced passports.

 Nandap encourages passport applicants to visit the various Passports Issuing Centres across the country to pick up their documents.

The CGIS reported that attempts to contact passport owners have been unsuccessful. “We urge applicants to provide verifiable addresses and phone numbers on their online application forms,” Nandap stated, emphasizing the importance of accurate contact information.

To facilitate the collection process, all Lagos Passport Offices will now open on Saturdays. This service, available from 9 am to 2 pm, is exclusively for passport pick-ups. “This initiative aims to reduce the backlog and ensure applicants receive their passports promptly,” said Nandap.

Nandap advises all concerned applicants to take advantage of this opportunity and collect their passports without further delay. “We have made these arrangements to serve the public better and ensure everyone gets their passports on time,” she added.



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