MamaJ Consults Celebrates International Cabin Crew Day at 7th Annual Fair

International Flight Attendant Day
Cabin crew

The stage is set for the international Cabin Crew Day 2024 celebrations at the 7th annual Cabin Crew Fair. International Flight Attendant Day, observed on May 31, celebrates flight attendants globally.

International Flight Attendant Day recognizes the dedicated flight crew members who rise early, stay late, and remain alert throughout flights, providing comfort and care. People observe this day, also known as a day of appreciation, in various parts of the world.

The event aims to promote relationships between Nigerian Cabin Crew professionals, inspire the next generation on the Cabin Crew career, and introduce them to aviation industry opportunities. It highlights the valuable and strategic role of Cabin Crew, helps them identify key skills, and creates a platform for professionals and aspiring Cabin Crew to connect and share knowledge with certified training organizations.

Mamaj Aviation Consult Limited hosts this annual fair. Cabin Crew executives, industry captains, aspiring crew, and aviation training organizations will gather on Friday, May 31st, to celebrate practitioners.

International Flight Attendant Day began in 2015 in Canada to laud flight attendants’ efforts. A Canadian union first initiated this celebration to acknowledge the hard work and spirit of flight attendants. The theme for this year is “The Cabin Crew Profession: The Role of Aeromedical.”

The Acting Director General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, Capt. Chris Najomo, will be the keynote speaker. Other special guest speakers include Capt. Donald Tonye Spiff, Director Operations, Licensing and Training Standards; Esther Shittu, Head, Aeromedical Standards at the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority; Bernice Kunbi Leshi, COO, Bellagio Air; Dora Ndabai; and Capt. Jibola Idowu, Air Peace Airlines.

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority Annex will host the event at 9 am.



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