NAHCO Launches GSE Replacement Plan: Transforming Operations for Excellence

GSE replacement plan
NAHCO Aviance's Ground Support Equipment
Groundbreaking Announcement

NAHCO Aviance has unveiled an ambitious Ground Support Equipment (GSE) replacement plan aimed at modernizing the company’s fleet. The board of directors announced this groundbreaking plan during the commissioning of the first batch of new GSE at NAHCO’s headquarters.

Active Initiatives Begin

Dr. Seinde Oladapo Fadeni, Chairman of the Board, expressed enthusiasm: “By 2026, we will have acquired all the necessary equipment to fully upgrade our fleet.” He added, “This milestone signals the start of numerous positive transformations across various aspects of our business.” (GSE) replacement plan

Strategic Importance and Phased Implementation

Mr. Indranil Gupta, Group Managing Director/CEO, emphasized the strategic importance of the new acquisitions for operational safety and efficiency. He stated, “This initiative aligns perfectly with our mission statement to deliver exceptional services through professional teams, cutting-edge technology, and leading practices.”

Commitment to Excellence

Dr. Olusola Obabori, Group Executive Director of International Business and Corporate Services, reiterated the company’s commitment to excellence.

Union Support and Operational Impact

Comrade Prince Nnochiri, Chairman of the National Union of Air Transport Employees, praised the company’s leadership for its timely reinvestment. He highlights the significant positive impact the new equipment will have on operational efficiency and service excellence.

Robust Financial Performance

NAHCO’s robust financial performance underscores its growth trajectory. In 2023, the company reported a revenue of N28 billion, a 70% increase from the previous year, and recorded a 126% increase in Profit Before Tax (PBT) compared to the previous year.



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