MMA2 Training Academy: Elevating Learning Standards in Aviation Security

MMA2 Training Academy
Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal 2 (MMA2)

The Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal 2 (MMA2) Training Academy has made significant strides training over 3,000 aviation security personnel. The academy, boasting of certified in-house instructors and external authorised trainers has reached since its inception in July 2019.

Located on the third floor of Terminal 2, MMA2 Training Academy offers cutting-edge facilities and accredited courses in aviation security. The Head of Creative Services Department at Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited, Korede Ogunseinde, highlighted the academy’s impact. He stated, “The industry is a regulated field. Combined with the strict regulatory requirements, this necessitates standardized training throughout the sector. We created an avenue for professionals to acquire knowledge and skills through accredited training, successfully training over 3,000 individuals since inception.

The academy offers a comprehensive range of Aviation Security Courses. These include ASTP 123 (BASIC), Aviation Security Awareness Training, X-ray Interpretation, and Screening. These courses ensure that trainees are well-prepared for various aspects of aviation security.

Ajoke Yinka-Olawuyi, Head of Corporate Communications at BASL, emphasized the importance of security training. She noted, “Cultivating a culture of security consciousness is paramount in our industry. All concessionaires are required to undergo aviation security awareness training. This initiative not only fortifies our terminal’s security protocols but also empowers participants with invaluable knowledge, ensuring a safer and more resilient operational environment. Together, we stand to gain enhanced vigilance and preparedness, safeguarding both our assets and the traveling public.”

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority accredits and approves MMA2 Training Academy as a Certified Aviation Security Training Provider. This underscores its commitment to meeting stringent regulatory standards.

Monica Oguta, Head of Aviation Security at MMA2, praised the academy’s impact. She stated, “I commend the MMA2 Training Academy‚Äôs noteworthy impact in advancing aviation security training. Since opening in July 2019, the academy has skillfully trained over 3,000 individuals, underscoring our commitment to high learning standards within the industry.”

Oguta also emphasized the strategic location and advanced facilities of the academy. She remarked, “The academy boasts cutting-edge facilities and a wide array of aviation security courses. The recognition by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority as a Certified Aviation Security Training Provider validates our dedication to strict regulatory standards. This ensures our trainees achieve both professional growth and global recognition.”

Looking ahead, the MMA2 Training Academy aims to continue leading in shaping a secure and competent aviation security workforce. The academy maintains high standards and adapts to industry changes, setting itself to remain at the forefront of aviation security training.


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