Nigeria Immigration Advances Border Security with E-Border Solutions in Kebbi State

e-border solution in Kebbi
Comptroller General Immigration, Kemi Nandap

In pursuit of fortified border security, Nigeria Immigration Service’s Comptroller General, Kemi Nandap, assessed the e-border solution in Kebbi State. During her two-day visit to Kebbi aimed to assess border conditions and bolster collaboration for heightened security.

During the visit, the CGI met with Kebbi State Governor, Comrade Dr. Nasir Idris, stressing collaborative efforts for border surveillance enhancement.

She emphasized the Service’s role as the primary agency for border security and migration management, highlighting technology deployment for protection.

The e-border solutions being implemented will combat trans-border crimes effectively.

Governor Dr. Nasir Idris pledged support by providing vehicles to enhance operational efficiency, highlighting the shared commitment to national security. Additionally, he promised further assistance to boost the Regional Migration Academy’s operational effectiveness in Tugga.

The CGI consulted stakeholders such as the Emir of Gwandu and leaders from Kamba Community during engagements. Their proximity to border areas and local knowledge are crucial in identifying and addressing security threats.

The assessment tour covered visits to border posts, including Birnin Kebbi State Command and control posts using e-border technology. This technology offers real-time surveillance, crucial for monitoring border activities effectively.

During interactions with security agencies at the border, the CGI emphasized swift intelligence sharing facilitated by e-border solutions. She reiterates to immigration officers their crucial role in remaining vigilant to prevent security threats like banditry attacks and insurgency.






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