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Pictures of the naked man are too graphic and so cannot be used.

Naked Uber driver, ACHAN operators at Abuja Airport car park cause disgraceful scenes

A middle-aged man on Tuesday at the demarcated car park at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Abuja, stripped himself naked to cause a melee before escaping from approaching security who had wanted to apprehend him.

The incident transpired at the Upper Level of the car park located by the Exit Way, according to a credible source, was due to alleged commercial rights and legality between the Uber drivers and airport shuttles under the aegis of Airport of Car Hire Association of Nigeria (ACHAN)

A video obtained by Nigerianflightdeck.com, showed the unidentified man who is said to be an Uber-driver engaging other cab drivers at the airport to the consternation of many in front of under-aged kids.

The naked man however fled the scene where he bore himself naked as Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria- Aviation Security (FAAN-AVSEC) arrived the scene to remove him from the full glare of the public.

Although the entire picture of who started what is not clear, Nigerianflightdeck learnt that there have been numerous run-ins between Uber drivers who come to drop and pick passengers at the passengers’ behest and the Airport of Car Hire Association of Nigeria (ACHAN) over the lift of passengers at the airport.

The former feel they have the right to carry out their legitimate business while the latter feel they are entitled to every passenger in and out of the airport because they legally paid for the right to perform the services.

A source who spoke to Nigerianflightdeck on the issue however stated that,” Both of them have rights. If from my home I call an Uber to take me to the airport are you saying its not my prerogative? Are you saying if i come with my car and pick my friend these taxi drivers will jump me? If that happens I will sue the airport authority.

” However, that does not mean that any agreement reached between FAAN and the drivers is null and void, there just have to be a middle ground not for drivers to take laws into their hands. It is also an arrestable offense for disturbing public peace.

” Also one thing I have noticed is that the Uber’s are cheaper and technologically driven while these drivers here just charge you based on the fact that you are coming to the airport which is just fleecing people. These cab drivers need to be more innovative, provide apps that will enable them bring their fares or join Uber too.

“Or FAAN to mix things up can also give Uber the parent body an agreement too so they will also have rights within the airport. If they all have equal rights and pay some sort of fare the weaker party will either step up or be extinct.The point is they cannot continue to do business like this, time has left them and technology is evolving, they will soon be extinct,” he said.

Recall a protest of sorts against Uber drivers played out at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport where the cab drivers in a bid to scare away Uber and other competitors forged a notice from FAAN telling other competitors to keep off, a move that was for all intent, desperate.


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