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Renewed Chanchangi AOC documents emerge as NCAA refutes, explains

DOCUMENTS uncovered by Nigerianflightdeck.com is pointing to alleged irregularities with the renewal of Air Operators Certificate (AOC) of Chanchangi Airlines Limited by the agency in charge, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

However, the NCAA has refuted any claims of such irregularities or wrong doing for that matter stating that AOC of Chanchangi is invalid as it speaks following the fact that it has been revoked having not operated at all over the time.

The document NCAA/DOT/CAL/VOL II/00117 issued on the 24th January, 2017 to the Managing Director Chanchangi Airlines titled Renewal of Air Operators Certificate Number AFF/C/006 was signed by Director Operations and Training, Captain A.M Sidi for the Director General, Captain Mukhar Usman.

The Document had that the AOC is valid from 5th February, 2017- to 4th February, 2019 for Passenger and Cargo however the CAA said as at the time of that renewal the airline, Chanchangi, was still doing cargo and when it no longer had the aircraft to continue that operation, its AOC was suspended after three months.

The AOC read,”Please find enclosed, a copy of your renewed Air Operators Certificate (AOC) for your retention.
Your AOC becomes invalidated if you fail to comply with the relevant Nigerian CARS and may be amended in accordance with the provisions of Part We therefore urge you to ensure that the management and staff of Chanchangi Airlines ensure strict compliance with all regulatory requirements at all time. Accept the assurances of our highest regards”

Recall after a series of incidents Chanchangi which for long operated with one aircraft had its AOC suspended by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) following a memo signed by the then Director-General of the NCAA, Captain Fola Akinkuotu, dated October 14, 2013 ordering all scheduled airline operators whose fleet size had been reduced to only one operational aircraft to immediately stop flight operations.

The directive stated that “Such operations may only resume upon clearance from the NCAA that there is more than one operational aircraft for continued flight operations and satisfaction that such AOC holder has the capacity to have safe flight operations prior to commencing any such operation.”

NCAA Spokesman, Sam Adurogboye who reacted to the allegations as inquired from our correspondent explained that as at the time the AOC was renewed, Chanchangi Airlines was still operating cargo services and so the airline’s AOC was renewed.

He however explained, as regards regulations, Chanchangi did not operate for three months and so the said AOC was revoked and withdrawn.

” Chanchangi was already an operator and so renewal of the AOC was based on when they were doing cargo operation. NCAA would never give AOCs to any airline undeserving. The airline is not flying as we speak because according to regulations they did not comply with all regulatory requirements at the time.”

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    When you want to publish an article, especially one as sensitive as this subject matter, you should do proper investigations without a biased mind. There is nothing as good as facts.

    Your article is merely a defence of the NCAA; it contains nothing to indicate that you considered the other side of the story, and that you would want to see and believe the truth when presented before you.

    The person that made this allegation did so with facts: copies of the AOC and the letter that conveyed it. In your Nigerian Flight Deck publication, you did not post for public view and scrutiny these documents.

    Instead, the NCAA merely made a verbal defence on the allegations and since it is what you wanted to hear, your article was just about that defence.

    The fundamental things lacking in Nigerian Flight Deck defence article are these:

    1)where is the NCAA evidence(documents) to show the registration details of the so called airplanes that chanchangi used for the cargo operation at the time the AOC was renewed?

    2)Where are copies of the aircraft airworthiness Certificate to prove that those aeroplanes were airworthy and serviceable at the time the AOC was given to Chanchangi?

    3) Where is a copy of letter written by NCAA to revoke and withdraw the AOC.

    4) Where is copy of letter by Chanchangi to NCAA returning the revoked AOC?

    Until Nigerian Flight Deck is able to provide us with these documents from NCAA, this article would remain a biased one.

    • mm

      That is where you are very wrong. Nigerian flight deck is not on trial….its your word against the NCAAs and as always with anyone who feels aggrieved you blame the messenger. What do you actually want? For me to publish the unverifiable write up about the president? To suit whose end? Or do you want for the documents to be published? We do not have to. The document is meant as protection so we do not have to mention a source. If you want to come out as the source of the story well and good I will quote you and the accusations. You provided a document to me via Facebook with a name first and deleted the contents of that conversation including the document. You posted a story here illiciting a response. I told you I needed the documents, you resent with another fb account and I am to publish everything you say without asking questions from you or the accused? We broke the story on the withdrawal of discovery AOC by same NCAA and for one NCAA NEVER availed me the documents till now. Apart from that you also know requiring a document even with the FOI from the CAA would take months. And every piece I took from the document I got is grounds enough to say this happened. I believe the story did not go exactly as you want and so you are peeved. The CAA can chose to bring those to light If they feel it is required but again that is their prerogative not mine.
      Again Nigerian flightdeck is under no obligation legally or otherwise to provide a document in custody of the CAA. We are not intangible and will not go through walls to get them, and as we speak truly Chanchangi has not flown this year or last year and with that Aoc given, three months has elapsed and so Chanchangi may not fly.

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