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Captain Usman NCAA, DG

Nigeria Air: Usman assures airline’s ATL, AOC can be done in 90 days

DIRECTOR General of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Captain Muktar Usman has said the Nigeria Air Project is on track stating that as far as the regulatory agency is concerned the two major certificates, the Air Transport Licence (ATL) and the Aircraft Operators Certificate (AOC), to be issued by it can be done within 90 days all things being equal.

This is just as he has stated that talks surrounding the proposed national carrier project died down because most Nigerian people are beginning to understand and buy into the project.

Speaking in Lagos, Captain Usman assured that the project is still ongoing stated that the government is working round the clock for a successful take-off stating that the year had over 90 days left and so there is enough time to carry out the major certifications

“We still have more than 90 days to the end of the year, so, it is still feasible, all things being equal, am just talking from the regulatory point of view”, Usman said.

Usman further said that the Nigeria Air project arrangements would continue until it is delivered to the Nigerian people, stressing that even though people are now quiet about it, it does not mean that the project has stopped at all.

Usman said “It is a process, the process is ongoing and it is transparent as people can see, it is to get the best for Nigeria. Nigerians has been yearning for the gaps created by the lack of having strong and viable carrier that would mean the demands and potentials of both the domestic market, the regional market and the International market”.


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