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Dana Air rebrands Reward Program as membership hits 18k

  • Says airline unperturbed by efforts of mischief makers

DANA Air has rebranded its Dana Miles loyalty program to Dana Miles Club confirming  that the membership of the reward program has reached a record 18,000

Just as the airline stated that the message been distributed on the socxial media has not dampened its spirits nor has it affected its zeal and drive to provide qualitative service to its teeming passengers.

Speaking to newsmen in Lagos, the Media and Communications Manager of the airline, Kingsley Ezenwa, said the airline had to rebrand as a result of its growing membership and benefits.

‘’We have rebranded our reward program to Dana Miles club as a result of the growing membership and benefits. We are glad that our guests are now realizing the need to go cashless and use more of their miles for the amazing benefits it provides.

We have had a case where someone travelling with his family ran out of cash and couldn’t pay for his excess baggage but used his excess miles to pay and still got an upgrade from economy to business class cabin. There are loads of benefits attached to being a member of the club and we are glad to have been able to grow its membership to this all time high.

On the recent message circulating on social media about a statement purportedly made by its pilot, Kingsely said – first, none of our pilots could have said such. Secondly, a pilot has the right to ground an aircraft if he or she is not comfortable with its level of maintenance. So why would any pilot say such about the aircraft he or she will still fly?’’

‘’Last year, someone raised a false alarm and was arrested and released after promising never to engage in such anymore. Now this is the latest of their infantile de-marketing strategy. Unfortunately for them, while they are focusing on their evil acts, we are focusing on delivering quality service hinged on safety and exceptional service and we are happy that our guests are better enlightened now.’’

He further advised the public against misusing their social media platforms to spread ‘’blatantly malicious’’ and unverifiable information, as the airline is determined to again to fish out the perpetrators and prosecute accordingly

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