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Manpower development: Ethiopian Airlines partners with Aviators African School Club

Manpower development: Ethiopian Airlines partners with Aviators African School Club

ETHIOPIAN Airlines is partnering with Aviators Africa School Club (AASC), to meet with the growing pace of air traffic and to ensure that the aviation industry is not lacking in seasoned manpower in the sector. Aviators Africa Academy (AAA), an initiator of the school club in Nigeria was born out of the need to inspire the next generation in the aviation and aerospace in the country. Manager, Sales and Business Development, Ethiopian Airlines Aviation Academy, Mrs Tigist Terefe said the airline was pleased to be partnering with the school club in ensuring that the sector has adequate manpower.

She said the Ethiopian airlines academy has been providing assistance to other Africans countries in the area personnel training since the establishment of its training centre. She said the center is an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO’s) Regional Training Center of Excellence and Full TRAINAIR Plus member.

Terefe  added that the centre is an International Air Transport Association (IATA’s) Regional Training Partner, Accredited Training Center & Authorized Training School, Approved Training Organization by the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority. She said: “Ethiopian Airlines Aviation Academy -EAA is the largest and most modern aviation training academy in Africa offering range of training services  in core airline trainings( Pilots training, Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, Cabin Crew, Ground Services, Cargo, Dangerous Goods Transportation regulation & handling, etc) & more.

“A huge contributor of skilled aviation professionals for the region, EAA has trained close to 12,000 professionals in different aviation fields from all over the continent of Africa, Ethiopia included. With the increasing demand for trained aviation professionals in Africa, EAA, more than ever is ready to train aspiring youth of the continent in its different training programs using modern technologies & a practical experience in an airline operation environment.” “In line with ICAO’s Next Generation Project & its strategy of nurturing partnership/cooperation, EAA is very glad to take part in support of the launch ceremony of Aviators Africa School Club in Lagos , Nigeria. EAA will continue to support the growth of the sector in Africa & venture more in such initiatives in the future too.”

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