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Ethiopian lures customers to embrace mobile application

ETHIOPIAN Airlines has announced that it has availed its mobile application in the apple
store and Google Play for customer to download on their mobile phones and use it to transact
with the airline for many of its products and services.

The airline revealed that besides empowering the customer to
control the travel process, the application will simplify, enrich and enhance customers’ experiences across the entire journey.
Group CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, Tewolde GebreMariam, remarked: “As a customer focused
airline, we have been investing heavily on a comprehensive digitalization of our organizational operating
system and the overall passenger experience across the value chain. The mobile applications for iOS and
Android devices will enable us to avail a high degree of personalized experience to our esteemed
customers. Our customers will be able to use their mobile devices to book their flights, do their flight
check-in, issue their boarding pass and self-board their flights, check the status of their flight, get actual
arrival and departure times of our flights and remain connected and informed throughout their journey in
real-time. We will continue to invest in latest technology tools with a view to continuously enhance our
customers ‘travel experience and meet their growing expectations.”
For passengers originating from Addis Ababa to Ethiopian international destinations or
domestic routes, they will have the option to effect the payment either through mobile payment
or internet banking.
Moreover, Ethiopian would like to announce to its valued customers that this service provision
will gradually replace the ticketing service that is being rendered in Addis Ababa and domestic
ticket offices.

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