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Union flay organisations over outsourcing

Air Transport Services Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (ATSSSAN) have condemned strongly, practices by management of some organisation where they outsource staff to avoid accountability to the employed.
 This is as they called for the reforms of both the Aviation Act and the Labour Act.
ATSSSAN during a three day training In Badagry, Lagos state condemned the neo-liberal management fad of yellow dog contract where management was involved in the policy of outsourcing staff in order to avoid social responsibilities accruing to a regular, permanent employment
The union also noted that it was unlawful for the Management to prohibit employees from joining union just as the law regulating outsourcing even required that agencies must file a report which include state of affair of labour before license were renewed.
They noted that there was a dire imperative to work with pertinent government institutions to create an industry-wide standard for the aviation industry through a “principle of engagement” that shall respect UN Global Impact on Human Rights, Labour, Environment and anti-corruption.
Participants strongly believed that extant aviation and labour in the country was outmoded with numerous loopholes exploited by Management.
According to the training facilitator Comrade Solomon Ohiomah who signed the communiqué  the unions should henceforth report cases of these kinds of abuse to the Ministry of Labour and Productivity for appropriate sanction.
They called on Government and employers to respect all the relevant International Conventions that seek to entrench decent work, work-life balance in the world of work such as ILO Convention 87 & 98 on the rights to join and belong to union and for collective economy; Convention 151 and
Recommendation 158 on tripartite consultations as well as declaration of social justice.
The Union called on the Ministry of Labour and Productivity to look and find means of resolving some knotty issues confronting the vibrancy of unions such as voluntarism, poaching of other union members, proliferation of unions in an industry, jurisdictional scope and disputes between
National and Branch Union executives leading some time to tampering with check off dues.
It was also resolved to partner with other stakeholders to influence favourable policy or change bad ones for the sustainable growth and development of the aviation industry.
They condemned the eagerness of management to impose obnoxious rules in the world of work with anti-labour handbooks, manuals resolving to take more vigilantly the negotiation of strong Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The  training was organized by Safecrest Service limited, and participants commended the Director General of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) for the laudable support for the initiative and affirmed that subsequent efforts be made toward a more inclusive and wider workshop that will involve personnel from other cadre and bodies.

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